Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant - IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Celebrating Hui San's (Samantha) birthday at Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant, IOI Boulevard, Puchong. Participant - Me, Pick San, Tian Chad, Nicole, Wern(Nicole's sister) and of cause the birthday girl Sam.

Tian Chad & Sam wondering what to order....
*** 15 min later
Ginseng?? no lah.. hehe just the deco from the soba.
Sexy pose from Nicole!!!

There also selling some cute cute sweets!! The follow two product caught me & Tian Chad attention..Sophie Mallow
??? Plaster Chocolate ???
Don't know how it looks!!


xinhui said...

u didn't buy the chocolate plaster to try??

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

u should buy the sophie...LOL! aiks! why my sexy pose there?!

CJ's cornner said...

Xin Hui.. no woh.. hehe cause everyone waiting outside alrd.. next time go buy..

Nicole.. yr post so sexy sure need to post la..

yeekai5 said...

syiok nya...everyone is still kacak n cantik :)
and pheww witt,cantik ya nicole photo taking sexy pose.lol

Mun2 said...

Wah!!! Cantiknya restaurant ini!! And all the foods look delicious!!! Jealous-nya~~
And Hui San cut her hair already?

Anonymous said...

Bring me thr too...hahha

Anonymous said...

Mr. Haha always goes to nice place..next time bring me along...hahaha

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