My Fish

I like Guppy fish since i was a kid. There are few reason that i prefer guppy compare with others kind of fish. Guppy fish is a very good fish to start of the beginner.
1. The tank setup can be simple as bare tank. Aeration can be exempted, but the water quality have to be maintain with regular water change.
2. There are different colour of guppy which won't make me bored just looking at those fish which compare with those fish are identical among each others.
3. Guppy fish can breed easily, a healthy female breed every 3 weeks, and each time can breed up to 100 fries. For yr information to those haven't keep guppy before or less knowledge on it must thought tat all the fish lay eggs. But there few fishes give birth to baby fries. (Guppies, Sword tail, Molly, Moon fish, etc).
Therefore, for anyone wanted to start this hobby can give guppy a try.

Here are some pic..
Those guppy can easily found in any aquarium shop. After secondary school, i decided to go for higher quality show guppy, i searched around KL almost every corner, every fish shop but couldn't find any. Eventually, i found a forum (, Malaysia first guppy forum, and i able to purchase some quality fancy through the forum.
Blue grass
Red Grass
My favorite strain is yellow tuxedo, here are some of the yellow tuxedo of mine, some have won some prizes in contest too..
That's all pictures i wanted to show... they should have few more strain of guppy i kept but i couldn't find it, maybe i accidentally deleted the pic... feel sad .. :(
Hope i got more fish to show you all next time.
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