Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sister Birthday Buffet Dinner

Sister's birthday celebration!!!
Food i ate
Foolish CousinFoolish Cousin
Ronald Wong
Some of the food there serve.. but the waitress stop me for taking picture around.. so.. fineee... :p
Chocolate Frenzy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breakfast with ex-colleague

11th July 2010,
I left Stemlife not even two week.. so fast having a small gathering... wahaha i think they miss me so much.. wahaha.. 死要脸.. Breakfast with Xue Ying, Kent, Sun Vee, Nick, Pick San and Yen Ting. Dim Sum place is just in front my house therefore all gathered at my house first. We sit there eat & chit chat.. Finish eat then all went back home already. Me, myself was also very tired cause just finish my friend wedding the night before and a bit drunk.. :P
Anyway, Looking forward the next gathering on 30th July 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eat Shit loo~~ T.Bowl (Toilet Concept Restaurant) - Sungai Wang

Have you ever experience eating on the toilet bowl?? You can try it now.. this restaurant is located in Sungai Wang, 3rd floor. Another branch is in Penang, Queensbay mall.

Tracy & Kelly thinking what to order...While waiting to be serve... time to take picture!!!
Evelyn & Jayson
Tracy & Daniel
Kelly Yeo & "Patung" =,= pity him

~~Drinks~~Honey Dew Sago
Honey Lemon Tea
Soursop Grape Mocktail
Orea Blended

Model + Drink
~~Food~~Deep Fried Chicken Chop Rice
Volcano Spicy Chicken
Cheese Bake Rice with Black Pepper Chicken
Chinese Mambo Pork Rice
Tomyam Seafood Soup Base

Coco Peanuts Ice-cream
Coco Vanilla DelightDonut Delight

Both Enjoy Eating "SHIT"
Pic section before leaving.
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