Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pet World Malaysia 2010, Mid Valley Megamall

Arrive at 0930, lots of groomer with their dog waiting for registration, this dog caught my attention.
Some of the animals that can find in exhibition.

Ayam Serama

Swam from parrot farm.
Grooming competition going on!!!

Bring me home plz!!!
Not sure wat it call
Guinea pig

Corn Snake


Cute little pup
Bearded Dragon
California King Snake


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pet World Malaysia 2010, Mid Valley Megamall - (Day 1)

Today is to set up our booth. I'm the earliest to arrive, around 10.30 am... We are MALAYSIA GUPPY CLUB, booth number 317.. beside Discus Society Malaysia.. come pay us a visit.. it is fun.

Ok.. lets start.. those boxes is the aquarium for the competition.
Then come our big boss Helven (middle), on the left is YS from taiwan, on the right is Yap "Galactuz" (senior member) . In the luggage is the competition fish.
Setting up the tank.. nice tank.. so hot there, no air-con.. Leong cannot stand and went naked!!!!
Full red which i like..
Quite fun.. lots of member come for help. And also some of the participant.. too bad busy looking at the fish and don't have much time to meet them..
Yoong and ?? (Andrew's friend) observing (yellow tuxedo i guess)
O.O till eyes big big!!
I think this is the one make their eyes drooling.. me tooo actually.. haha
High Dorsal fin.. thick body.. superb...
Hmm.. no fish to participate...
Finished set up.. last shot before we went for dinner...
Nice???? Of cause.. haha

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Photographer - Weng Yap

Updates my sister wedding photo, this is what we call professional camera man and of cause the pro camera. Weng Yap, my sister professional photographer for her wedding day & dinner, nice, friendly professional i would said. He captured nice photographs, gave suggestion for nice & funny poses and do suggest creative idea too(My bowl "cup" idea was given by him). Here are some of the pic sample which i like.. (chosen pic.. too many)

Anyone plan have no idea who to go for... no doubt.. He is the man!!!
His website!!!
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