Friday, June 4, 2010

Sister's Wedding - Morning section

29th May 2010, woke up at 7am.. i was planed to wake up at 7.30am but don't know who .. (i guess my dad) knocked knocked knocked my door at 7am... :(
After brushed my teeth and bathed, of cause first thing to do is to go and peek my sister see how things going on. She woke up much earlier than me, the make up guy came at 6am .... O.o

Here she are!!!

Ponnn ponnn ponnnnnnnnnnnnn...... 8.30am sharp.. haha.. i still in my sister room.. Here come my duty.. that i waited long long long time ago.. =,= but the "expected" angpao money have deducted, for sponsoring my sister new home LCD TV. So don't "wat" my angpao money to treat you all eat.. but "wat" my pocket money can lah.. haha

hmm.. my sister "ji mui"(best friends & relatives) turns... they been planned for this long time too.. they even had a meeting section night before.. so professional .... i should have took picture for that.. sorry busy entertaining guess that time.

There were 4 sections, each section have their sub group...
First section.. Front Gate..
Groom have to carry by his bro to neighborhood to get their wishes.. they have to get 5 wishes from 5 different neighbor in order to pass.
Next task.. a piece of card board.. groom have to write "I love Amanda"... sound easy right... haven finish... write with the mouth... emm not really write.. is kiss... but the lipstick not directly apply on the groom.. it has to apply on the groom's bro first....... from the groom's brother then only transferred to the groom... some how it doesn't happen.. haha they played cheat.. they directly apply the lipstick to the groom.. and just manage to kiss " I love(heart shape).." the lipstick spoiled.. so "Amanda" is written by hand.. Our gate keeper kind enough to let them pass through.. but of cause need to give ANGPAU... haha Section 2,
They have to finish 5 roll of bread within one song.. haha.. they only got 8 brothers how to finish.. so failed.. give ANGPAU...
there are more pic from camera man.. wait i get it then only updates.
This section was to test their sing skill... test if they remember the lyrics ....... but once again they playing cheat.. use iphone to online search for lyrics.... so guys.. remember to bring smartphone.. be smart okie...

Last section.. too clouded and hot here.. hehe i just hide in my room to enjoy the air-con... haha.. i just know the groom have to soak his leg in a pail with ice and water to get the key to open my sister room.. then there was a rules and regulations agreement stocked on the wall for the groom to sign..
Finally entered..

Groom's brothers (leng chai) & sisters (leng lui) mission accomplished.. Well done!!!
Pictured with cousin while waiting the "tea section".Pictured with "kai jie" I-Fun

Others relative waiting for their turns.Groom's present from my mom... he is a Bearbrick lover.. his house got a room full of bearbrick..
My dad present the groom maxis share, the certificate is home made from my sister.

My uncle and aunt also waited long time for this moment...
As you all can see how much i love my sister base on the "cup" i used... haha ^^
Family pic!!

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