Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sister's Wedding - Home Buffet

28th May 2010, home buffet for friends & relative. Hehe... i didn't help a lots on that day, cause i went to do my last minutes shopping for the next day wedding shirt.. :p 5pm only reach home..

Some of my relative, grandma, uncle, aunt , cousin & nephew.
Setting up the buffet
Roasted pork
One of the pork need to send to the groom house, while another one is for here to ^^eat^^ ... but i have to be send the roasted pig the groom house first T.T .When i reach home, there are already full of guest.. after greet all the guest and relative, finally i can have my dinner...
My gang.. thanks for coming..

My lovely cousin Raymond, Ah Xian and Sin Ee. Thanks for the help!!!

12 mid night.. hair combing ceremony.

In the end 3am only can go to bed.. then later 7am have to wake up again... T.T what to do.. she is my only sister.. and luckily i only got one sister.. hahaha


Blur Pei said...

well.. next time is ur turn :)

Clement Lim said...

haha.. you should be faster then me loh!!! when is yr's?? remember invite me leh

yeekai5 said...

wuiyo, two roasted pork, gaya betul ur sis weeding :)
ya,coffee gal,weeding must invite me oso yea :p

marccus said...

Congrates to your sister's Wedding! =D

Rum Tum Cat said...

congrat to your sis..haha yeah wedding really so troublesome..i helped my cousin sis before tiring ~.~

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