Friday, June 4, 2010

Sister's Wedding Dinner - Concorde Hotel Ballroom

After the morning section (tea section), too tired... took a short nap.. after lunch.. start "work" again.. My task is to bring the presents for bingo game and also 15 bottles of Chivas .. ooo.. almost forgot, still got Ronald's laptop... My sister told me to meet at the ballroom at 3pm.. but we are 15mins late.. hehe cause we(me, Raymond and Ah Xian) went to Sri Petaling to eat cendol.. wahaha..

Stage & Ballroom hall
Before we start our work, we went to visit the bridal suites, it is very big inside.. 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 toilet, 1 large meeting room with large meeting table, kitchen, bar...

Place for make up.
King size bed!!!Meeting RoomOk!! Enough!! Start working..
hehe..... check around the deco first..
At first thought need to place carriage box for every seat. but luckily the manager ordered some waiters & waitress to help, we just need to clip the bingo card to the menu for very table..
This is the clip my sister bought from DIY shop.. cute???Rehearsal for emcee, me is to test the slide and Fion is in-charge the PA system.. cause my sister got 5 DVD & 2 power point slide to play.. =,=Here come the second batch of helper... hmm i think she in-charged the deco for outside registration table..
Decoration outside the hall where the guest have their registration and cocktail section.
Bride (top) & Groom (bottom) Registration table
Guest started to appeal around 6pm..
My bro.
Wear like that look like my wedding loh.. T.T
Even got an aunt come shook hand with me thought i'm the groom. X.X faint~~~^^My Gang^^
My relativesLive Band
Didn't took picture while my sister enter the hall. Cause i need to be seated.

FOOD .. according to most of the guess.. the food there were nice.. i didn't eat much.. T.T
We also hired live band.. they play well... too bad no encore... Thumbs up**
Kai jie back from Hong Kong
My Gang

Relative (Cousin)
Grandma, uncles, aunts, cousin.. etc too many haha...
Cousin (Raymond, Jacelyn & Pei Pei)
Cute nieceCute nephewTwo Mr. Drunk
Finish everything already 1am.. Hungry.. go drive-thru roti telur at mamak outside my house.. hehe

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Good Job! Bro. Thanks for your help throughout the wedding.

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