Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pet World Malaysia 2010, Mid Valley Megamall

Arrive at 0930, lots of groomer with their dog waiting for registration, this dog caught my attention.
Some of the animals that can find in exhibition.

Ayam Serama

Swam from parrot farm.
Grooming competition going on!!!

Bring me home plz!!!
Not sure wat it call
Guinea pig

Corn Snake


Cute little pup
Bearded Dragon
California King Snake



SuYi said...

When I saw the Guppy club booth, my six sense tell me U will be there..
Wahaha... mana tau u really there!!
Happy to see u :D

Clement Lim said...

haha!!!! u got very good sense loh.. haha.. happy to c u too. find one day dinner or yum cha la.

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