Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Passion Road

17th May, 12noon received an sms from Amanda (my sister) , "what time u eat lunch? Mum n dad with me now", which is the very first time since i working for about two year. Yea, why not.... My parent were around KL area where me and my sister also working in this area therefore i just need to get ready and jump up to the car. My sister brought us to Restaurant Passion Road, which also located in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. There wasn't a lots of parking space for the restaurant, in the end we park along the roadside, luckily the street wasn't the main street, not much car pass through, so it should be all right "i guess"... This is my first time having lunch here although been working here for two years.. shame on me.. i just heard my sister telling me nice, set lunch very cheap & etc. Some of her marriage photo also took from here .. Finally i got the opportunity to experience myself.
When i first arrived, it was hardly for me see the restaurant if my sister didn't tell me... cause the building was surrounded by plants and some huge trees. When i step into the front gate, there was a large tree deco with lots of love.. which look nice.. please refer the picture below, but according to my sister that they do change the deco, so don't be disappointing if you couldn't see any... :p cause there are still a lots more things you can explore there. Lets see what i have snap... sorry if the picture wasn't very clear.. cause didn't expect to have lunch in such a nice place, therefore didn't bring camera along, just using my Sony Erricsson K810i.

So.. Nice place right??
But unfortunately there is a bad new those who thought to dining there. Cause the restaurant operate from 11.00am – 6.00pm (last call: 5.15pm), but don't get disappointed too. Cause the night section is only open for big event for example like wedding, annual dinner, birthday party... etc.. but the detail i not very sure... if u interested can try they website --> Passion Road to check out.
My sister which look much younger than me but she wasn't.. hrr... hate^
MenuLime Juice (can refill once) which also come with the set.
Yam rice.
Curry fish "I guess.. hehe" which come with the yam rice.
My set lunch Penang loh mee with come with drink and also a dessert.
My dessert for the set is banana spring roll.

Cannot finish... Take away... Packed in a nice box.

Here are the set menu for May 2010 -->

RM10nett set lunch
standard set lunch menu for may 2010 pdf.pdf
RM15nett set lunch
premium set lunch menu for may2010 pdf.pdf
RM20nett monthly special
monthly may2010 pdf.pdf

Menu of the month can be search here with follow step:
  1. http://www.passionroad.com.my/
  2. Click Passion Road
  3. Events and Promotion (right top corner)
  4. Secret Garden
  5. You will find Set Lunch Menu for the month

Secret Garden Lifestyle Café Sdn Bhd
No.16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (603)2166 7111
Fax: (603)2166 0711
email: secretgarden@passionroad.com.my

Operation hours

Monday to Saturday only
(Closed on Sun and public holidays)
11.00am – 6.00pm
(last call: 5.15pm)


Ah Lui said...

where is it?
how is the price?
when u wan bring us go??

Clement Lim said...

the set lunch got RM10, RM15
okok.. find one day we go.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Nice place! I would love to go there =)
Organize for my birthday~!!! *perasan*

Ah Lui said...

Faster find one day leh..
I'm going to leave this place liao..^^

Clement Lim said...

Look at the roster alrd.. no time loh.. u work night shift de.

kuek said...

wah, really look nice!
too bad, it is not available for dinner (except big event la) T.T

Clement Lim said...

kuek.. go lunch lah.. u so free.. haha

Anonymous said...

i want ...i want....

Thristhan said...

This is a fantastic to have a meal at because their menus are always update and changes regularly. Passion Road can also host events such as Wedding Receptions and Corporate Outtings.

Printing Studio Malaysia said...

Fantastic location to feast at. We've done some events here and found it amazing. Settings are also superb :). Thanks for sharing about Passion Road. You must be working somewhere on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

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