Monday, May 24, 2010

Ern Huei's Wedding

Ern Huei & Pevin Wedding dinner was on 22nd May 2010.
It was held in Restaurant Grand Imperial, Sri Hartamas Shopping centre. Me & Yen Ting went there earlier caused Yen Ting was helping Ern Huei to take care the reception desk, she in charged for the guest from Stemlife Bhd.

When we arrived, Ern huei was on the stage having tea section "Zhum Char" to... no idea... parent or relative i guess.. ^^
Very free therefore walk around and snap some picture.Picture took from photo album!!!
Finally Guest started to arrive... but before that i already shopped around the mall to search for somethings to fill my stomach.. Hungry mah!!!... :P i bought a hogdog bun with cheese from breadstory.. Yum Yum..when u really hungry all the food should taste good ...
I did take some photo of the other restaurants which look nice, share with u guys next time.

My fellow colleague & ex-colleague
Jin Ying & Haw YeeErn Huei (bride) - Sun Vee - Haw YeeErn Huei & Ee Von

Dinner start around 8.15pm
Everyone nice this fish.
All the food were very nice... Thumb up.

Whole night just busy taking pic with colleague and friends. Therefore a lots of pic in these post.
Cut cake and pour champagne ceremony.Cute little boyYUMMMM Shengggg!!
It ended around 11pm... so tired.. still have to work day shift on the next day(sunday T.T)...


yen ting said...

sei zai bao...why put the reception pic ....=.= like sah poh la.....

Clement Lim said...

haha... all picture also same like soh po de lah.. got different meh??

Anonymous said...

What the hell is that thing on the 3rd picture of food/ DISGUSTING.

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