Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kissaten, IOI Boulevard

May 8th 2010, Mother's Day eve, and it was also my birthday eve. Celebrating my birthday together with my gang (best best friend)... T.T... touching... we have been celebrate birthday together for .. hmm 8 years TOGETHER.. hope forever yah....
I gathered at Shereen's house and went along with Ronald, Maggie & Shereen while others met at the restaurant. Maggie already made an reservation in Kissaten, IOI Boulevard at 8.00pm(Thank you!!! Maggie Lee..). It is located opposite IOI mall, puchong. Quite lucky on that day, very fast we found a parking without wasting our precious time.. hehe...
Busy taking pic of the surrounding in the end scolded by my friend(she is very hungry alrd).. T.T
Sorry yah... not purposely de... This are the pic that caused my friend angry... :-P
Kissaten is one of the restaurant in IOI Boulevard. It serve western foods like steak, pizza, spaghetti and Japanese food example like udon soup, katsudon, saba fish set. There are open air which is along the corridor and if you think is hot outside there are also indoor which got air-con .

Kissaten front door
After settle down and ordered, took a few shoot inside the restaurant.
Menu (katsudon)Some of the foods & drinks we ordered.
Salad came with ABC pasta set
Basically the food was okay .. the salmon pizza was nice... the price was also reasonable but just maybe that day was mother's day eve... lots of people and caused the service extremely slow and quite a mess. The waiter & waitress keep repeating sending the same drink & food again and again.

Specially Thanks Maggie, Moon, Connie, Shereen, Ronald, Nick, Bryan and See Liang. Thank you very much.


Connie Ng said...

hey, dont curi my photo leh!!! xp

Clement Lim said...

Anla.. borrow two pic only mah.. dun so ji jiao lah.. yr new camera have to show show xia the product mah

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Rum Tum Cat said...

eh IOI got kissaten ? i nvr notice one ><

Clement Lim said...

Rum: Ya.. Is in IOI bouvelard.

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