Thursday, May 27, 2010

金记(Kim Kee) Len Seng - Cheras

Recommend this store for those who love vinegar pork very much.. hmm not many guys really like vinegar pork included me.. so frankly speaking, i didn't try if before, but my mom, sister, their friends who love vinegar pork all are like crazy ask where u bought it.. so i guess it is really nice.. Go try.. it is located along Jalan 1/144a, near the junction to plaza phoenix. It is actually a Chicken rice shop, off on Monday.


yeekai5 said...

yum yum, its in happy garden?
or in cheras near the egg tarts there?
nex time bring me there, i wan giu gai as well..hehe

yen ting said...

wah.....look nice ler^^ hungry liao tim..haha

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