Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bukit Cahaya Agriculture Park, Shah Alam

May Jean, Kent and Shin Ru are our main priority guest to hang out on the 2nd of May 2010, before they went back to Singapore and JB. Me and Yen Ting have been squeezing our brain to come out an idea of what special things can we do on that day.. in the end dunno which stupid (^.^ think of having cycling trip at Shah Alam coz i also haven't been there before.
Sunday morning, sunny, is a great day for outdoor activity. The trip was planned to kick start at my house at 8.30pm(alrd consider late) but some how, dunno how.. 9.30am only depart from my place. Plus being FFK by Kent & Xie Ying (Agrrrrr)
After picked up Shin Ru at kinnara (Christina's new house) everyone were shouting for hunger especially my big boss LEE MAY JEAN "ma ma fan fan". Then we searching for food in Bandar Puchong, opposite IOI mall. We have our breakfast in a DIM SUM restaurant.
Here are some of the dim sum we ate.. the food so so only and the service are also slow slow only.. so don't want to recommend to you all..
Before we depart i surf the net for the map cause i not very familiar with the road in Shah Alam, but the map was very of confusing. Thanks god!! Sun Vee got his GPS phone to guide us there... I think this map would be better...Direction
  1. From Subang, take the Federal Highway toward Shah Alam. Go past the Batu Tiga toll.
  2. At the Bulatan Melawati (where Tesco is), turn right into Shah Alam. This is the third turning after the toll. You should see a signboard for Taman Pertanian Shah Alam.
  3. You will come to a large roundabout with traffic lights. Go straight (12 o’clock).
  4. Keep on going straight until you come to traffic lights, then keep on going straight. At the traffic lights you will see Concorde hotel and Plaza Masalam (IC department / Giant) on your right.
  5. Keep on going on the long road and look out for signboards.
  6. The entrance will be on your right. When you see a block of flats start keeping right and turn right at the traffic light.
In the end reached there around 11.30am with the bright hot sun on top of our head. Lining up to buy entrance ticket.
Entrance fee
Adult (12years old & above) = RM3.00
Child (6-11years old) = RM1.00
55years & above = RM1.00

Discount for group 50pax & above:
Weekday 20%
Weekend & public holiday 10%

Bicycle rental

Old bicycle (really old)
First hour RM3
Additional RM1 per hour

New bicycle (which look old)
First hour RM5
Additional RM1 per hour

Playing with her hair...=.=!!! hair again...+.+ still playing with her hair.. Nice view
Few animal shoot in animal park.

closer ??..
CLOSSERRRRTiny little insect loh.. haha
VERY TIRED after 3 hours cycling... not enough stamina & time to explore others place like four season temperate house, dam, skytrex and etc.

For four season temperate house
Adult = RM3.00
child = RM1.00

  1. Bring a map or GPS if dunno how to get there, coz really not much sign board.
  2. Go as early as possible... just race with the bright sun.
  3. Carry as little things as possible.
  4. Bring towel and extra cloth.
  5. Took bus to travel around instead of cycling.. really tiring.


marccus said...

nice =D Hahaha XD must exercise more ady =P

Maggie said...

Well... this place is quite nice but really not a suitable place for me... wakakakka~~~

Clement Lim said...

Maggie: why not suit u?? u just sit on the bus whole day lah.

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