Thursday, April 15, 2010

Memories - ~M4D2~

Present.. nothing special except from working, reach home, eat, sleep & working again.. boring right...(except off days... hehe...), therefore i try dig out some of the pass memories for everyone... recall back some of the liveliness pass we shared... although some of you might not share the same pass with me but i believe there are more or less similar with yours... hope it can bring out so cheers... Hope the pass happiness memories could brought back to present.

I would like to start with M4D2 first... Although it was just a short period, but it hold a lots of joy. For those who don't know what really M4D2 are, it was born in Ktar, Pre-U on May 2004, it was a one of the three group divided from the Biotechnology course May intake 2004. I still remember the first person i met was Choon Kiat.. hehe.. don't wan to talk more boring stuff... let the picture bring out some joy.

The only group pic we have. :(

Introduce some of the group members...
Hui San (Samantha), Wei Seong (Marcus)
Lee Onn(Long Man), Yee Kai (Kai Goh)
Leng Chai
James, Jamek, Ja messs, Lala.. hehe.. u can call whatever u like.
S.H.E... opss wrong typing.. Jee Keng(left) the another two "Dan San"

Well base on the pic... i can tell you that there was something happening on 4th Aug 2004.... M4D2 Fashion Parade . M4D2 was divided into six sub-groups. Each group have to present their most pretty, sexiest & cute model (emm.. judge yrself ) the MC will be the group member and present their artistic fashion... but i guess the fashion was too in.. emm over in coz till now still no one dare too wear on street.. Maybe in the Future.. wahaha.. anyone want to try our M4D2 creation???

First Contestant,
Model 1: Kathleen
Group Member,Second Contestant,
Model 2: Prana
Group Member:
Third Contestant,
Model 3: See Bee
Group Member:
Fourth Contestant,
Model 4: ???
Who is the pretty behind the mask??Yeee wit... Is Chin Hong
Group Member:
Fifth Contestant,
Model 5 : Nick Boo
Group Member:Sixth Contestant,
Model 6 : Me.. (><) After the appearance of a scary "AH GUA"... is time for superman.. emm.. woman.. haik.. dunno man or woman.. to show up.. deng deng.... wahaha
Group Members:
To be Con't....

For those who didn't share the pass we me, hope the present do & wish the future could.


yeekai5 said...

wow,my goodness,i am so young n nerd tat :)
stir back my sweet memory in ktar,utar n yum yum park

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Most funny~ Nick Boo!!

prana said... nice....i miss being a model wei..hahah...i love u all...never forget those crazy times...kakaka...uhuhuh..

Clement Lim said...

haha.. still got more to cum.. haha be patient..

Blur Pei said...

Wow, looks like u have so much fun! i shd take pre U than diploma.. =.=

Nicholas Boo said...

Haha, Tak sangka still can see all these photos... Miss everyone ^^

RO said...

ops...he deleted my msg..but i hav to correct it..shud b modal 5 is gay enuf!!

marccus said...

aahhhh~mm hou arrr, why put out my photos.. hahahah XD

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