Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tanjung Rambutan buffet bbq & steamboat - Gathering (10th April 2010)

First Round,
It have been awhile since last gathering with uni course-mate. Therefore me, Pick San & Hui San decided to have a gathering on the 10th of April but unfortunately Hui San couldn't attend(oversea)=.=. No worry!! I believe the next one will on its way.
Me and PickSan have been thinking where to have our gathering for weeks.. hmm at first thought to hold in Mid Valley coz like more centralize for everyone... but... like nothing special. After reading Tian Chad blog... we decide to go t Tanjung Rambutan buffet BBQ & steamboat at Kepong, although a bit far.
At first i thought only few people going, the word "Gathering" meant to be lots of people sitting & chit chat together right... therefore i ask some of my friends to join too, and for those who have boyfriend n girlfriend are welcome to bring along(Pick San & Rou Zhing).. =P

In the end 10 people attended,
  1. Me
  2. Pick San
  3. Nick (PS's bf)
  4. Kuek
  5. Su Lin
  6. Tian Chad
  7. Rou Zhing
  8. Yu Xuan (RZ's bf)
  9. Chiew Sze (CJ's friend)
  10. Yen Ting (CJ's friend)
Photo provided by Tian Chad & Rou Zhing.
Dessert ^^

Special thanks for all the attender, thanks' for all the support...

Second Round,
We left Tanjung Rambutan buffet BBQ & Steamboat Around 10pm. We changed to another location to yum cha and chit chating (coz the story got no end). Kuek brought us to Moe De Cafe in Menjalara, Kepong. The cafe is full of people, but one things very lucky with us were we don't need to wait to be seated. Just nice a large table waiting for us and it fit well with 10 of us... ^^
The Moe de cafe is the combination of anime/manga style into a cafe concept. All of the waitress were uniformed with different costume and of cause all the waitress are pretty too.

Pretty waitress taking our order.. able to take a few shots. Nyek nyek nyek!!!We just ordered drinks cause everyone was fulll.. Brubrr.. Opss.. sorriiiHaiz.. the most noisy one have to leave early.. 无义气
The gathering end at 12 mid night... All went back home .... Zzz...


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Yay congratz on the first blog post~!! Keep it up~!

kuekkuek said...

apa ni la..
3 minutes heat la.. =p

Clement Lim said...

haha.. i think so.. ceh.. Kuek u also wat.. where is yr blog yah?? when is yr last time u post oh? or u still remember i got blog ah??

kuekkuek said...

yala..that's y i understand u so well =p
hehe i still rmber i hav a blog, just i cant recall the password =p
coz i reformat my lappy ma..

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

The password for urblog is the same for Gmail ar. You can always click "Gorgot password" ;p

cklim said...

welcome to blogger world, chun jin

yeekai5 said...

bravo,added into my reader list,yeekai here give u ful support.haha

Clement Lim said...

haha.. thank you ck & yk.. wahaha

kuekkuek said...

the worst part is, i forgot the username as well =p
but, since i'm such a smart gal, i recover everything successfully ya =p

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