Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day!!

Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970 and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year.

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. Climate change is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. An increase in global temperature will cause sea levels to rise and will change the amount and pattern of precipitation, probably including expansion of subtropical deserts. Warming is expected to be strongest in the Arctic and would be associated with continuing retreat of glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. Other likely effects include changes in the frequency and intensity of species extinctions, and changes in agricultural yields. Warming and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe, though the nature of these regional variations is uncertain.

The earth have survive billions of years without man kind but we can't survive without the earth. Have you play your role in saving the earth??? Everyone please start take action before everything is too late.

List of action i have done.
  1. Bring my own container to buy lunch.
  2. Don't not take plastic bag if not necessarily.
  3. Switch off any electronic devices which not using.
  4. (hope to be more in the future)
Although there might be little things but if everyone could follow it do means a lot.

Hope everyone do suggest more action to safe the our earth so that others can follow too.. thank Q!!!


cklim said...

good one, great effort ..keep it up

kuekkuek said...

try not to on aircon, if on it also set it with timer or 26C n above

i'm bringing my own recycle bag everytime i'm out

n recycle things that could be recycled, e.g receipts (small paper though) , cans...
even if u're outside, pls dun throw it, once it gets dirty then no one would pick it up n recycle it liao.

i dun1 my future son or daughter lives inside the garbage.....
it sounds scary.. =p

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