Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chunky Loaded Pizza, Pizza Hut

Last night have dinner with friend in mid valley. Plan to have pizza for dinner... hmm at first thought to go for Italiannise but at last end up in Pizza Hut.

Every time having the same pizza kind of bore. After discussed with my friend, we decided to try somethings new.. which is Chunky Loaded Pizza.. we ordered the set of two which came with 2 soft drinks, 2 mushroom soup, 4 pieces of rectangular garlic breed and a regular chunky loaded pizza. The pizza could either choose chicken or beef. We order the chicken cause i didn't take beef.

Mushroom Soup from pizza hut.. emm..
I guess everyone should know...
Yeah!!! this better... hehe.. my favorite Garlic BreadChunky Loaded Pizza
The bottom is very crispy base but have to eat when it's still hot, if cold alrd is kind of hard.
Taste - Okay ***
Ingrediate - emm.. what i remember is hotdog n tomato.. hehe...
Personally opinion : I still prefer classic original Hawaiian Chicken !!!

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cklim said...

yeah hawaiian chic and island delight are my fav

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