Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Genting Half Day Trip

Been awhile didn't travel, with me, Pick San & Yen Ting having the same offday, we decided to have a half day holiday to Genting... with Tian Chad & co0incidently Pick San's friend Kelvin from kuching, Sarawak(now working in Singapore) came to KL.

Since i'm the organizer and also the driver... i decided to leave as earlier as 7am to avoid the rush hour... but somehow this & that.. we 15min late.. but luckily still not that jam in MRR2. We reach Wangsa Maju to pick up Pick San around 8am and had our breakfast at market there... Wan tan mee.. long time didn't breakfast there already.

We transit to cable car at Gotong Jaya, due to weekday, not public & school holiday. We didn't even need to queue which is nice.. wahaha.. if free even nicer.. but unfortunately nope.

Our purpose of this trip is to 吹吹风 and sit there having a cup of nice Starbucks coffee. Just wanted to relax and enjoy. 真所谓人生有多少个十年。。

We bring along Kelvin to walk around the park & First World hotel. We didn't enter the team-park because lack of time and maybe everyone seem to be growth up and mature (except Tian Chad, cause he been ask for IC, wahaha) already, we entered casino.

Starbucks coffee was the last stop, we only manage to sit there around 20-25min only.. cause i wanted to have our lunch at Gotong Jaya

Pick San busy talking with her bfYen Ting & Kelvin

Although this trip was short but feel tired (maybe walk a lots + not enough sleep), anyway it was happy and fun... nice to meet new friend too.


kuekkuek said...

quite spontaneous wat.. hehe
long time din have such spontaneous activity liao...
ni jiu hao laaaaaaaaa

Clement Lim said...

then u organizer one lah.. haha if i free i sure join de.. wahaha but normally i not free la.. wakaka

Anonymous said...

wah u so fast upload and got blog liao tim...vy free lo..u still own me a plate of sotng..haha and pudding oso ya...haha^^

Blur Pei said...

eh, u should go to strawberry park lo. just at gotong jaya only. got flower park n mushroom farm too.

Clement Lim said...

haha... good idea.. but next time la.. that day we dun have much time

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